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Where is our 10 percent ?

2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the Maputo declaration, and presents an excellent opportunity to take stock of the commitments made by African heads of State to invest more in agriculture and in a better way. It is also a chance to redefine the commitment made in Maputo to place family run farms, and specifically women, at the heart of the government- announced investment.

The GROW campaign has decided to make the tenth anniversary of the Maputo agreements a priority for its public campaign in West Africa; the main aims being:

Producing, sharing and putting to good use knowledge on this issue is therefore crucial for this campaign. This platform aims to promote and put to political use the various research and analysis work that campaign members, partners and allies have already produced or that they are preparing.

Collect, reference and make available the documents produced by civil society to the various stakeholders involved for a new West African commitment to agricultural investment.
Discuss the challenges, share approaches, formulate alternatives to influence the public debate and agendas for West African agricultural policy.
Publicize the analyses to influence decision makers. Mobilise populations and civil society actors for a new West African commitment to agricultural investment.

10 Joint Policy Recommendations: From Rhetoric to Action: Towards a Transformed Agriculture and Food Secure Africa
By Country - Pan-African

In 2003, the Maputo Declaration of the African Union stated that, within five years, 10 per cent of budgets of member states would be dedicated to agriculture. Ten years on, despite spending increases by some countriesAfrican governments still allocate an average of only 4 per cent of their national budgets to agriculture.

Video: Where is our 10 per cent ?
Act - Mobilisation / action

African artists are calling on the African Heads of State to keep their promises and invest at least 10% of their national budget in agriculture. In 2003, the African leaders signed the Maputo declaration promising to spend at least 10% of their national budget on agriculture. 10 years later, where are their promises?

Join us and show your support to Africa's smallholder farmers :

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"Where is our 10%", with Baaba Maal (Senegal), 2 Face Idibia (Nigeria), Smarty (Burkina Faso), Lami Phillips (Nigeria), Daara J Family (Senegal), Sound Sultan (Nigeria), Titi Lokei (Nigeria), Ceepee (Mauritania), Danny Lee (Niger)

Les gouvernements africains doivent transformer leurs dépenses agricoles
By Country - Pan-African

cover_les gouvernements africains doivent transformer leurs dpenses agricolesD'après un rapport, intitulé « Prêcher par l'exemple : pourquoi et comment les gouvernements africains doivent transformer leurs dépenses agricoles » publié en décembre 2013 par l'ONG internationale ActionAid, les gouvernements africains ne respectent pas leurs engagements pris à Maputo, en 2003, de consacrer au moins 10% de leurs budgets au secteur agricole.

A Growing Opportunity: Measuring Investments in African Agriculture
By Country - Pan-African

This report analyses African governments’ efforts to invest in their own agricultural development. ONE looked at the 19 African countries with vetted, signed national agriculture investment plans, developed through CAADP. For each of these countries, we looked at progress on their commitments to reduce poverty, to spend 10% of national expenditures on agriculture, to implement national plans, and to include citizens in decision-making. We assess donors’ delivery of their L’Aquila commitments, and evaluated the quantity and quality of their agriculture assistance. 

Data Report, March 2013
Author: ONE

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